HTC One M10- What New Features It Would Offer To Its Users?

Do you know that what new features HTC would offer through its new release, HTC One M10? Well this is the question which is motivating the users to explore the net. Definitely they would get a lot about it but the degree of truth in the rumour and speculations is quite difficult to ascertain. Through this article we have attempted to reveal the most possible things related with this handset.

The news is that you possibly don’t have to wait too long to see its release, as it might get end in the month of March or April 2016. You would be surprised to get HTC One M10 with a different name, something like HTC Two. People are saying that HTC has discontinued with the previous logical progression of HTC One as it want to end the story of the failure of HTC One M9. You might be thinking about its likely price but no exact data can be drawn till dat. In fact the companies are very secretive about the prices till the product hit the market. We have speculated about the prices, by studying the previous pattern of the rise in the prices. The HTC One M8 was sold at the price of 550 pound and HTC One M9 was sold at 579 pound; so if it is the similar flagship model it can come with the price 610 pound. But the precise cost of the new model would be known at its release.

Cher Wang who is the Chairwoman of HTC has said that she was very sorry for the disappointment faced by HTC One M9. She said the company would once again win the love and trust of the customers by making a really incredible handset, HTC One M10. The flaws in Snapdragon 810 were mainly responsible for the failure of HTC one M9. So, in this new model Ht is planning to install a highly efficient processor, Snapdragon 820. An effective battery of 3500mAh would help the users experience a prolonged battery life. The looks of this model would be striking like all others, in aluminum unibody. You might get this handset with a waterproof body. The problems with microSD were solved in the previous model, HTc One M9; this time it could also have on-board storage.

Be ready to experience a huge storage in HTC One M10, with its 4GB RAM and superb internal storage which you would be possibly able to select from 64 GB and 128 GB. You might be wondering about its screen, let us tell you that it can have the standard screen of 5in. A Chinese report is revealing that a 6in screen is on cards for this handset, which would also have QHD and 2560×1440 displays.

We hope that you are able to know that what HTC One M10 going to offer you. Trust us it would be more wonderful than you imagine. Keep visiting us.

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